NeuroCONNECT - The SCHN Registry for Neurological Disorders

Welcome to NeuroCONNECT! This research database aims to collect data to improve diagnosis and create better models of care for children with neurological conditions. It will also facilitate access to clinical and research expertise for difficult to diagnose conditions.

What do I need to do if I would like my child to participate?

  • Read the Participant Information Sheet - Parent PIS
  • If you have questions, you may contact the project officer, and she will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the registry.
  • Provide consent on behalf of your child via the online consent portal.


Online Consent Link

Your child can also view what NeuroCONNECT is about and let them know they are helping doctors and experts learn more about their condition. 

Young Person PIS Link


There will be no additional diagnostic tests or interviews required to be part of the registry. Your child’s data will be kept secure and private at all time.

Being part of the registry will help connect the valuable data to the experts!


This project is proudly supported by The Ainsworth Foundation and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.