A/Prof Seo-Kyung Chung

Head, Translational Neurogenomics

Seo-Kyung is an Associate Professor of molecular neuroscience & genomics focusing on paediatric neurological disorders. She leads the Translational Neurogenomics group at the Kids Neuroscience Centre. Her research interest lies primarily in understanding the mechanisms underlying neurological disorders using the latest technologies e.g. next generation sequencing, 3D model systems and high-throughput in vitro functional assays.

Prior to her current post, she established the Molecular Neuroscience research team at the Swansea University Medical School, UK (2005-2019). She also worked as a visiting scientist in various institutions including UCL (UK), the Queensland Brain Institute and the University of Auckland (NZ). Seo-Kyung's group has collected and researched over 4,000 neurological disorder samples including startle disorder (or Hyperekplexia), focal & generalised epilepsy, plus 130 multiplex families with rare forms of epilepsy syndromes. Her research findings in rare genetic disorders, hyperekplexia and LQTS syndrome, have expanded the repertoire of disease genes and identified new mechanism linked to disease onset. Research outputs also led to validated societal impact because of the clinical utility for transferring research findings into new UK and NZ national diagnostic genetics programmes.

In April 2019, she joined the Kids Research (KR) and the Faculty of Medicine and Health (FMH), University of Sydney. Her research team is currently developing the next-generation methodology including the development of rescue-modelling as a pipeline adjunct to gene-discovery and in vitro biological characterisation. Her team offers well-established research/work experience programmes to undergraduate and postgraduate students.