Diagnostic tests

Neuroimmunology tests

This service is run by the Brain Autoantibody Test Referral Centre in collaboration with the Brain Autoimmunity group and the Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney. We conduct tests for:

  1. Dopamine-2 receptor (D2R) antibodies
  2. NMDA Receptor antibodies, subunit NR1
  3. Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) antibodies

Specimen requirements: Serum 500 ul; CSF 500ul

Cost: Free of charge. However, donations are always welcome—it costs approximately $100 for Kids Neuroscience Centre to conduct each test.

Laboratory turnaround times:

  • Serum MOG antibody: 8 weeks
  • CSF MOG antibody: 6 months
  • Serum D2R antibody: on demand
  • Serum NMDAR antibody: on demand

Laboratory method: Flow cytometry, live cell-based assay

Shipping and storage (Australia/NZ): Refrigerated transport is preferable.

Shipping and storage (International):

  • Frozen or refrigerated transport is preferable.
  • Please note that all shipment and custom charges need to be paid by the sender.
  • Please ensure deliveries arrive Monday to Friday between 7am - 5pm.
  • Please be aware that overseas shipments will be under customs and import regulations, contact Fabienne Brilot for inquiries and help.

Important information:

  • Our assays use control data according to published peer-reviewed protocols (Dale, 2012; Ramanathan, 2014; Dale, 2014). Please note that these are research assays only and results should be interpreted with appropriate caution.
  • A video description of our assays has been published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE). Access to this video requires a JoVE subscription.

Still have questions?

Email A/Prof Fabienne Brilot or call 9845 1456.