Dr Sudarshini Ramanathan awarded The RACP Sir Roy McCaughey Research Establishment Fellowship

26 February 2021

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We are proud to announce that Dr Darshi Ramanathan was recently awarded The Royal Australasian College of Physicians Sir Roy McCaughey Research Establishment Fellowship of $75,000 to pursue research in ‘Establishing consensus diagnostic criteria and therapeutic guidelines in antibody-associated demyelination’.

Dr Ramanathan was also awarded The University of Sydney Thompson Prize, DVCR 2020, for her grant titled ‘Defining the immunopathogenic contributions to autoimmune neurological disorders to enhance diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic outcomes’.

Dr Ramanathan is an adult neurologist and early career clinician-scientist. She seeks to achieve early diagnosis and intervention to improve the lives of patients with reversible brain injury due to the action of an ‘over-active’ immune system. These disorders have the potential to result in devastating disability, including blindness, paralysis, seizures, and cognitive impairment. 

Dr Ramanathan is committed to scientific research that helps us to better understand what triggers autoimmunity and underlying mechanisms of disease pathogenesis; as well as clinical research with an emphasis on developing diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines to optimise patient outcomes and allow them to return to a happy and fulfilling life.

Events, Research